2024 South Africa DStv Installation Price Guide: Costs and Installer Info

South Africa DStv Installation Price Guide: Costs and Installer Info

MultiChoice South Africa says DStv Installation Price will go up on 1 April. If you live in Cape Town, expect to pay between R500 and R1000 for a basic setup with one decoder.

This includes everything from hooking up a simple HD PVR DStv box or an Explora PVR box, to adding more views to your setup.

Finding a skilled installer near you is easy. They can help set up DStv at your new place quickly. Whether it’s installing a satellite dish or connecting your decoder, these certified pros have got you covered.

With the new price adjustments coming soon, now’s the time to plan your installation or upgrade.

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Learning About DSTV Installation Costs near me

Learning About DSTV Installation Costs near me

Finding out how much it costs to get DStv set up is easy. You just need to know where you live and what package you want.

What Affects DStv Installation Prices? A Beginner’s Guide

Several factors can shake up the price you pay for getting DStv set up at your place. The kind of equipment you pick plays a big role—whether it’s a standard decoder or the fancier DStv Explora.

Each choice has its own tag. Plus, where you live matters too. In bustling cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town, prices might soar higher than in quieter spots.

Installation isn’t just about putting hardware together; it’s an art that demands skill and precision.

Let’s not forget the pros doing the job. Accredited installers don’t all charge the same buck—they factor in how complex your setup is going to be and how many TVs want connection to satellite signals.

From personal experience, opting for additional services like ultra-clear high definition viewing or internet connectivity can also bump up your bill—you’re paying not just for extra gadgets but for more work needed to make them run smoothly together with your main setup.

Overview of DSTV Installation Packages and Prices near me

Choosing the right DSTV package feels like a big decision. With options aplenty, it’s good to see everything laid out clearly.

Here’s a quick guide to DSTV installation packages and their prices. This table aims to simplify your choice, drawing from my own experience of sifting through options for the best fit.

Package NameInstallation Cost Includes
Explora Full InstallationR2900-R3500Decoder, satellite dish, LNB, up to 25m cabling
Standard InstallationVaries by InstallerDecoder, up to 15m cabling
Trade-in DealPrice VariesNew Decoder, Installation
HD Decoder InstallationLess than ExploraHD Decoder, up to 15m cabling

This table showcases a range of options, from the full Explora installation to more budget-friendly HD Decoder setups. Costs can vary, especially based on your installer. Remember, using a DSTV Accredited Installer ensures quality and service satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right DStv Installers near me

Here’s how to choose wisely:

  1. Look for accredited installers. Only these pros meet DStv’s high standards.
  2. Use the DStv Installation Assistant or Wise Move to find local trusted technicians.
  3. Check reviews and ratings online to see what others say about their work.
  4. Get quotes from several installers to compare prices for installations and decoders.
  5. Ask about their experience with specific products, like the DStv Explora or satellite dishes.
  6. Make sure they offer after – installation support in case any issues pop up.
  7. Confirm they have insurance to cover any accidental damage during setup.

Ensuring you select an accredited professional who offers good value and solid support is key to a hassle-free DStv installation experience.

Breakdown of Costs for DSTV Decoders and Installation

Understanding the price for DSTV decoders and setup is key. Each package has its own cost, which changes based on what you pick.

Installation Prices for DSTV Explora

The DStv Explora package comes with an 80cm satellite dish and a DStv Smart LNB. For this setup, the cost is R2299. This price covers both the Explora HD decoder and its installation.

Getting your entertainment system up to speed with DSTV doesn’t get more straightforward than this.

Choosing this option means you’ll enjoy clear, high-definition viewing and access to more channels. The one-off fee makes it easy to manage without worrying about extra costs down the line for standard setups.

With everything included, setting up your DSTV Explora has never been simpler or more economical.

Costs to Install a DSTV Dish

Moving from the DSTV Explora, installing a satellite dish is next. Costs vary widely based on components like the type of dish and the complexity of your setup. For a twin LNB, expect to pay between R320.00 and R450.00.

This doesn’t include labour, which can range from R420.00 to R750.00 per hour.

Getting your DSTV dish up and running involves more than just mounting it; location and cabling play huge roles.

Choosing the right spot for your dish impacts cost too. A technician might need extra time to find the perfect signal spot or run cables longer distances in bigger homes.

Always ask for a detailed quote that breaks down each part of the job—this keeps surprises at bay and helps you understand where every rand goes.

Prices for DSTV Decoders Including Installation

Here we break down the cost of DStv decoders, including the price of fitting them in your home. DStv offers a variety of decoder options. Each comes with its own budget.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Explora model or a simple HD decoder, we’ve got the info. Prices vary based on the type of decoder and the complexity of the installation process.

Decoder TypeInstallation PackagePrice From
Single View HD DecoderFull InstallationR699
Explora HD DecoderWith InstallationR1699
Upgrade from HD to ExploraInstallation IncludedR1399
Extra View InstallationComplex SetupR375

Remember, extra view installations cost a bit more due to their complexity. Each option caters to different needs and budgets. Choose the one that fits yours.

What’s the Typical DSTV Installation Fee?

The usual fee for getting DStv set up can vary, but we’ve got all the details you need to understand the costs. Keep reading and find out how much it might cost you!

A Detailed Table Showing Average DSTV Installation Costs near me

Here’s a glimpse at the average DSTV installation costs you might find near you.

This table breaks it down, making it easy to see what you could expect to pay.

ServiceAverage Cost From
Basic DSTV Decoder SetupR650 – R1000
DSTV Explora Decoder InstallationR1500 – R2500
Satellite Dish InstallationR400 – R700
Additional Services (e.g., extra TV points)R250 per point
Re-installation/RelocationR350 – R800

Costs vary based on location, the complexity of the installation, and additional equipment needed.

Overview of DStv Installation Prices in All Cities

Overview of DStv Installation Prices in All Cities

Finding the right information on DStv installation prices can be tricky. Many think it’s a straightforward process, but costs vary based on location and services needed.

Our guide shines a light on these variations, offering clear insights to help you make informed decisions. With this article, you’ll grasp the essentials of choosing a DStv package that fits your budget and needs.

With years spent navigating the intricacies of satellite TV installations across South Africa, my experience lays a solid foundation for understanding the fluctuating nature of DStv installation prices—with those in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban standing out due to their competitive markets.

Installation Prices in Cities Like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

Installation costs for DStv in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban show some differences. Johannesburg might see prices on the higher side due to demand. In Cape Town, costs could be lower or similar to Johannesburg. Durban often has competitive rates but can vary based on installer availability.

Each city offers a range of installers with different price points. Prices are low for basic setups and more complex systems like Explora. Customers should compare options to find deals that suit their budget and needs in these major cities.

Prices for New DSTV Installations in 2024

In 2024, new DStv setup costs will change. Check out the latest prices to plan your budget right.

New DSTV Installation Prices near me

Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or anywhere else, we’ve got you covered. Prices now reflect new features like high-definition viewing and built-in streaming apps.

ServiceDescriptionEstimated Price From
Standard InstallationIncludes dish, LNB, cabling, and setupR599 – R1,500
Explora InstallationFor DStv Explora decoders, includes Smart LNBR1,299 – R2,000
Single View HD InstallationStandard HD decoder, dish, LNB, cablingR499 – R1,200
Extra View InstallationConnects two or more decoders to a single dishR1,600 – R2,500
Relocation ServicesMoving of existing equipment to a new locationR750 – R1,500
Dish RealignmentRealignment of existing satellite dishR350 – R700

Choosing an accredited installer is key for a successful setup. Our table shows clear pricing for different packages including decoder costs and full installation service. This makes it easy to find an affordable option near you.

For example, installing the standard HD 8S Decoder might cost less than setting up the feature-rich Explora Ultra with extra viewcapabilities.

Don’t forget; extra view lets you enjoy different channels on multiple TVs at once!

What Influences DSTV Installation Charges?

Several factors play a big role in how much you pay for DStv installation. The kind of equipment needed and the services provided are two major things that affect costs. For example, setting up a DStv Explora needs different tools than just fitting a standard decoder.

Each situation is unique, meaning the price can go up or down based on what’s required.

Professional installers bring value and precision to your DStv setup, impacting overall charges.

Price Lock deals and installation vouchers from certain shops can make a difference too. These offers often lower the cost for customers. Labour rates for installers vary widely – they can charge anywhere from R400 to R750 per hour.

Choosing an accredited installer ensures good service but unaccredited ones might overcharge you without guaranteeing quality work. So, picking the right technician is key not just for quality but also for how heavy it feels on your pocket.

Ways to Save Money on DStv Installation

  1. Look for installation vouchers at retailers. I found mine at a local electronics shop. These vouchers often come with discounts or special offers that reduce the overall cost.
  2. Consider Price Lock deals. These packages include the decoder and sometimes the dish, along with installation, for a fixed price. It made budgeting easier for me because I knew exactly what I was paying upfront.
  3. Buy equipment during sales. Keep an eye out for sales on decoders and dishes. Buying these at a lower price means you only have to cover the installation fee later.
  4. Do some tasks yourself if possible. Simple tasks like running cables or mounting the dish (if you’re handy) can cut down costs since you’ll only need a professional for alignment and signal testing.
  5. Group installations are cheaper. If your neighbours also want DStv, plan to have installations done together. The installer might offer a discount for multiple jobs in one location.
  6. Ask about off-peak discounts. Some installers charge less during slower business times, like mid-week or outside of holiday seasons.
  7. Reuse old equipment if suitable—like using an existing satellite dish from a previous setup can save buying new ones.
  8. Lastly, compare quotes from different installers near you but ensure they’re accredited by DStv to avoid poor workmanship that might cost more in the long run.

Understanding the Costs of Satellite Dish Installation

Installing a satellite dish involves several costs. The price can change based on the type of decoder you choose. For example, installing a DStv Explora can cost between R800 and R2000.

This range depends on how complex your setup needs are and if you want extra features. Extra view setups, for instance, might increase your cost due to their complexity.

You also need to think about where you live. In places like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, prices may vary slightly because of different service demands or installer availability.

ComponentDescriptionEstimated Cost From
Satellite DishPurchase of the dish itselfR300 – R800
LNB (Low Noise Block)Device that receives the satellite signalR200 – R500
CablingCables to connect dish to decoderR100 – R300 per meter
DecoderStandard or HD decoderR500 – R1,500
Installation FeeProfessional installation serviceR450 – R1,200
Setup and ActivationInitial setup and activationR150 – R300
Additional OutletsExtra connections to other roomsR200 – R400 per outlet

What Customers Say: Reviews and Testimonials

After learning about the costs of satellite dish installation, it’s time to hear directly from those who have experienced DStv services. Customers often share their thoughts on platforms like Trustpilot, where 182 people have given feedback about DStv.

They talk about everything from decoder prices to customer service quality.

I was quoted R1700 for a small decoder and dish installation in my lounge.

This quote shows what some customers might pay for getting their entertainment setup ready. People value honesty and clear information when looking at reviews and testimonials. Hearing from others who’ve gone through the process helps new customers make informed decisions.

Talk to us for top-rated Deals on DStv Installation

Talk to us for top-rated Deals on DStv Installation

Ready for the best deals in DStv installation? Reach out to us! We offer top-rated services that suit your needs. Whether you’re setting up a new place or upgrading, we’ve got you covered with affordable options and expert advice.

Don’t miss out—get in touch today and enjoy endless entertainment without hassle.


1. How much does DStv installation cost?

The cost of DStv installation varies, depending on your location and the type of service you need. Prices differ from city to city, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, East London, Durban, and Sandton.

2. What’s included in a full DStv installation price?

A full DStv installation includes the dish setup, decoder connection and setting up all necessary accessories for optimal viewing experience.

3. Can I find special prices for DSTV Explora installation?

Yes! There are often specials available for DSTV Explora installations – these deals can include reduced prices or added benefits with your purchase.

4. Do relocation services affect the cost of DSTV installation?

Indeed – if you’re moving house or relocating your DSTV equipment to a new location,, there might be additional costs involved to set everything up again at your new address.

5. Where can I get an accurate quote for my DSTV setup needs?

For precise pricing tailored to your specific requirements,, it’s best to contact local installers directly in areas like Johannesburg,, Cape Town,, Pretoria,, Bloemfontein,, East London,, Durban,, or Sandton., They’ll provide detailed quotes based on what you need.

6. Is there a difference between the price of installing a new DSTV dish and upgrading my current system?

Absolutely – installing a brand-new dish generally costs more than upgrading or adding components like an Explora decoder to your existing setup because it involves more work and materials.